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We focus on High Precision Machined Parts, CNC Machining Titanium Parts, Medical CNC Machining, Casting Machining services and so on

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China Jiaxing Dexun Co.,Ltd.

Jiaxing Dexun Co.,Ltd.

Jiaxing Dexun Co., Ltd. was established in 1997, origin from Taiwan, We are professional manufacturer and have 23 years experience integrated with design, research & development, manufacturing and sales of OEM/ODM CNC machining parts and Oil plug parts. Our advantages are as follows: * Located in jiaxing city, only about 1 hour's drive to port cities such as Shanghai and Ningbo. * 2 International approvals, ISO9001&IATF16949 certificated enterprise. * 20years of CNC machining and oil plug parts. * 2 labs of quality inspection. * 4 Powder coating & Painting lines. * 32 special technicians ans 14 senior engineers. 15 people professional R&D team. * 20 CNC machining centers, 98 CNC lathes. * multistage cold former , 68 production lines * 150-200 employees. * 20 inspection instruments. * 100...

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Our services cover all industries and reach all parts of the world.We can make all kinds of products for you according to your design.


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