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company news about Iran International Auto Parts Exhibition 2015

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Iran International Auto Parts Exhibition 2015
Latest company news about Iran International Auto Parts Exhibition 2015

Iran is a major automobile assembly and production country in West Asia and the Gulf. There are currently more than 4 million vehicles in operation on Iran’s national roads, and more than 85% of them have reached or exceeded the end of life. There are currently about 2,000 auto parts factories and 650 members in Iran, of which 100 are medium and large manufacturers. Iran’s current annual demand for various vehicles is 500,000. By 2012, Iran’s annual demand for automobiles will reach 1 million. However, its current domestic annual production volume is only about 380,000 vehicles. While increasing the number of self-produced cars, Iran will also import and export a large number of cars and accessories to make up for the society's demand for cars. The economy and trade between China and Iran are highly complementary and have broad room for development. China is Iran's and the second largest trading partner. Last year, the bilateral trade volume between the two countries reached 5.623 billion U.S. dollars. Iran has maintained a strong demand for China's mechanical and electrical products, accounting for about 50%.


Range of exhibition:

Automobile originals and spare parts; automobile electronics, electrical parts, lighting systems, car audio and entertainment equipment, auto parts, accessories and automobile modification services; automobile commerce, showroom, workshop and repair station equipment and logistics processing; automobile maintenance and testing tools And equipment; automotive beauty, care products, services and equipment; automotive paint booths, coatings, varnishes, polishing products, services and equipment; automotive environmental protection, recycling, and waste treatment. The exhibits are divided into 12 categories, casting and forging parts, stamping parts, motors, transmissions, chemical plastics, decorative parts, suspension parts, standard parts, pumps, filters, locks, cylinder gaskets, automotive glass, lamp mirrors, molds, engineering Service, quality inspection.

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