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Hexagon 1/2" - 20 S.O Drain Plug 3/4 '' Silver Customized

Hexagon 1/2" - 20 S.O Drain Plug 3/4 '' Silver Customized

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    1/2" Drain Plug


    Hexagon Drain Plug


    Drain Plug 3/4 ''

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    1/2"-20 S.O Drain Plug 3/4
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Hexagon 1/2" - 20 S.O Drain Plug 3/4 '' Silver Customized

1/2"-20 S.O Drain Plug 3/4




1/2"-20 S.O Drain Plug 3/4''


Accept custom sizes


  • Thread Pitch: 1/2"-20

    Head Size: 3/4" (18.8mm)

    Total Length: 21.7mm

    Shaft Length: 14.8mm

    Commonly used on Chrysler, Ford, Mazda & VW vehicles

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Manufacturer: DEXUN
Code: DX004
Product: 1/2"-20 S.O Drain Plug 3/4''
Bolt Head-/Nut Design: hexagon
Length : 21.7mm
Material: steel /customizable
Surface: customizable


How To Describe The Diameter And Length Of The Socket Head Screw?



1. Pay attention to the tightening force of screws


Right people think that the tighter the screw, the better. In fact, screws have their torsion range. If it is lower than this range, it may cause looseness. If it is higher than the range, parts or screws may be damaged. The best way is for technicians to operate in a professional garage with a torque wrench. If there is no such condition, we must pay attention to it. Do not continue to tighten the screw, otherwise it will cause screw thread sliding teeth, resulting in the scrapping of the whole part, or screw the hexagon groove of the screw round, which is not easy to loose.


2. Lock the same plane. If there are more than two screws, one by one is required


Take the stands. Most of the front cover of the bracket is locked by 2-4 screws. When locking four or more screws on the same plane, they should be tightened diagonally one by one. We can't tighten one screw directly at a time. We should tighten them one by one several times. When there are 2-3 screws in the same plane, they must also be locked evenly.









How Are Screw Fasteners Produced?

1.The metal materials for screw manufacturing generally use the wire rod which has been made into screw award in advance. Because the wire rod will deform and become thick after forging, we should select the wire rod with slightly smaller screw shaft according to the demand.


2. The screws and wires of the line diode which are transported to the proper length position are straightened through the machine and then transported to the cold heading machine


3. The first punch moves to make the wire ready to form, and then the second punch moves to forge and press the wire again to form the finished product. In the cold heading process, the number of fixed dies (pressing dies) and stamping (flattening) dies (punches) are not the same. Some complex screws may need multiple punches to form, which requires multi station equipment to form screws.


4. After the movement of the punch, the head of the screw has been completed, but the part of the screw shaft is not threaded. The forming method of the screw thread tooth is to rub the thread. Thread rolling is a kind of cylindrical blank formed by multi station or heading machine by using two relatively rotating thread rolling die (rubbing plate) with thread teeth engraved.